If biblical for pastors to eat from the offering, its biblical for Caesar to eat from the taxes

Kenya’s MP’s Classic Theme: Money Money Money… Money! After visiting a clergy friend of mine. He escorted me down to the street where my not so new Toyota was parked. I had parked next to a silver Mercedes compressor but had not noticed it.  I have this philosophy about cars; they are but gadgets.


At the parking space, I opened my car door and the pastor opened his car, the Mercedes! He turned to me and said, “Professor, you should get one like this”. I acknowledged the advice, “Great car.” I said humbly. Our road looks like a dry river bend: not for a Mercedes. To buy such a car, one needs at least 3million Ksh.  And for a pastor to get that money, he must have a lot of followers. I remembered that while I was walking to his office, I had met women with children coming down from the church, a big space rented on the second floor of a commercial building.  “It must be that these are the real owners of the Mercedes.” I thought to myself. I can bet that the women I saw walked there. Some of them owe their children’s school fees.


My grandfather was a pastor. He never owned a car. He however travelled to Manyani prison to minister to the Mau Mau freedom fighters. My father was also a radio pastor. By the time of his death he had owned 31 cars. His last car was an old Toyota station wagon. My mother hated that thing. It never broke down but riding in it was like skidding down a rocky mountain! He used it to travel to many parts of the country preaching. I planted churches in Ongata Rongai and Kisirian. Travelled by bus. I therefore support the work of pastors and value the ministry of transforming lives for Christ! But this money thing has become too much!


The Kenyan MPs want their paychecks increased to over 800,000Ksh. The NCCK voiced its opposition. So did many Kenyans.  What I do not understand is what is wrong with demanding more money. If it is biblical for pastors to eat from the offering, it must be biblical for Caesar to eat from the taxes. Right? In fact, God warned the Israelites in regard to the politician. They demanded that he allow them to have Kings like other nations.  He allowed them but with a disclaimer. He warned them saying that they would pay his salaries, feed his wives and children, feed his troops, and his horses. Also, he warned them that their children would work for him. In other words, their sweat would sustain his existence!


Therefore when the MPs are playing the classic song, Money Money Money…. Money, they are fulfilling the prophetic word! To which I say Amen! Let them get the money. In fact I would give them 1million a month plus benefits!  They gave 50 shillings here, 100 shillings there, then you gave them power.  People ate their money, so now they pay it back. Have you seen the parking lot at Parliament buildings? NO SUVs! We need to change that!  Don’t deny Caesar his benefits! Biblical? Your call.


Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD), SYR Radio/TV, Director, International Desk. Diaspora Messenger Contributor

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