Mohammed Dida say it is ok to Compare MPs To Pigs


Controversial former presidential candidate Mohammed Abduba Dida is back in the news again.After a long silence after the elections, Dida has spoken on the raging debate over MPs push to have their salaries reviewed upwards.

The former presidential candidate has said there is nothing wrong to equate MPs’ greed to pigs even if the animal is regarded as unclean or ‘Haram’ to Muslims.

Speaking to the media today, Dida said the protestors should not be condemned for equating MPs to pigs saying what the legislators are doing is bad and equivalent to the pig.

‘It is not wrong for protestors against the salary increment to compare the Mps behaviour to pigs’ Dida said

‘It is okay to compare human being to pigs if they behave like them,’ said Dida.

Dida was referring to the ‘Occupy Parliament’ protest held on Tuesday in front of Parliament, where protestors brought pigs to the area

Muslim leaders have protested the comparison of human being to pigs on the grounds that pigs are ‘haram’

Dida also lambasted the Serem led Salaries and Remuneration Commission for failing to outline their formula of arriving at the current salary structure.

“SRC Chairperson Sarah Serem should not have a dictatorship approach to the salaries issue” Dida said

‘If she uses force, she will be kicked out,’ said Dida.

The issue of MPs’ salaries has elicited mixed reactions with MPs vowing to kick out Serem and her team while Civil society groups have opposed the move saying MPs should not increase their salaries.

By Maureen Murimi

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