Kenyan American Fashion designer/ Illustrator featured on Dihmension Magazine


To the line of young and promising fashion illustrators join two more talented designers.

Firstly, we present to you Edwin K. Mutilu, who currently is a student at the Art Institute of Washington where he pursues his greatest dream of becoming a fashion designer.

He started drawing when he was five, and as he says – ever since then he hasn’t put the pencil down. Being a self-taught artist, he “blames” his Mother for the way he draws and illustrates. His Mother influenced him through pop-culture and fashion designers such as Ralph Lauren, Versace and Chanel, leading him to define his style as both vintage and classy.

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All of his drawings are done by pencil and markers, scanned and perfected with Photoshop. Edwin believes in quality above all, and his designs are the definite prove of it.

Edwin’s designs are delicate, nicely structured, high-lighted and shadowed perfectly.

Judging by what we saw, success is right behind the corner for Edwin. We honestly wish him all the luck in the world.

Want to see more of Edwin’s illustrations? Click here and don’t forget to support him by liking his page!

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