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President Uhuru Kenyatta unveils website for reporting corruption

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Uhuru kYou can now SMS or email the the President through the new website:President Uhuru Kenyatta has launched a new website today which now replaces the State House Kenya today. A corruption reporting link forms part of the new website – www.president.go.ke —

The site unveiled online this morning accepts reports via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Those reporting corruption can also make use of the Short Message Service (SMS) to report graft. The Sms code is 33000.

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“The launch of the new look website provides us with an opportunity to leverage ICT tools in restoringIntegrity, Accountability and Transparency,” Communications Secretary and State House Spokesperson Manoah Esipisu said.

“The President is committed to clean government and this site advances his intention to act strongly against corruption,” he said. One can upload video, audio or relevant documents when reporting corruption incidences.

To encourage citizens to report corruption, the form allows anonymous uploads. The site also allows anyone to book an appointment with an office or person working in State House.

The institution of the President will use @StateHouseKenya as its official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

PSCU_Digital will be the main account for government news while @ukenyatta remains a personal account. The Spokesperson’s account remains @MEsipisu.

The Launch also marked the official entry of the First Lady into Social Media. Her Official accounts are Facebook Office of the First Lady and @OFL_KE on twitter.

PSCU Digital will soon unveil a draft Social Media policy for the Public Service aimed at standardizing communications across Internet platforms.

“The idea is to create Internet and social media institutions across Government. We will create institutional brands as opposed to personal channels, so that Presidents and officials who come years after our departure will not be required to create new channels,” Dennis Itumbi, The Director Digital, New Media and Diaspora said.

“The digital team will relentlessly modernize State House and transform Government services through innovation and New Media,” Itumbi added.

President Kenyatta promised to launch a site where Kenyans can report corruption while launching the 30% procurement opportunities in Government two weeks ago.

“Very soon I will launch a website where you can report corruption directly to me, I will start that website very soon,” pledged President Kenyatta.

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  1. Pastor John Kinuthia Muregi says

    Greetings President Uhuru Kenyatta and your DP, As lntregretend I.D.P. if the Government of Jubliee will not take care of us and our Children.we shall not move to vote 8/8/2017 we do have the votes and our children.

    if you decide to take of our Promblems we shall move to vote-if you dont take care of us we shall not vote 8/8/2017 Mr President Uhuru let him here this as he had Promised as last year.

    because its election that caused this promblem that even our children could not learn whoever heres our cry let him inform the President and his DP Please Mr President Uhuru and his DP should not ansume that all is well at the ground.Mr President you has kept quite about intergretend I.D.P
    Jambo Mheshimiwa Rais Uhuru Kenyatta Pamoja Na Naibu Wako,Sisi lntergretend I.D.P Tuna Shida Na Tunaomba Serikali Yako itushungulikia Vile ilivyotuahida Mwaka jana.Kuna Watu Wanakuharibia Kura Wakati Watu Wanapeleka Kesi Kotini Wanazuia Pesa Za lntergretend I.D.P Kulipwa Na Wanaharibu Kura Zako.

    Sisi Huku Tana Gligil Nakuru Zaido Ya Watu Mia Tatu.Na Wameamua Wasiposhunguli Kiwa Hawatapiga Kura.Kwa Hivyo Rais Uhuru Sikia hil Kilio Chetu Tafadhali.Ujue Rais Uhuru Kenyatta sisi Tuko Na Kura Na Pia Watoto.Tungependa Hizi Kura Zote Zije Kwako Tungeomba Utusikie.

    Mheshimiwa Rais Uhuru Kenyatta Tungependa Kukutana Na Wewe lli Tukuambie Mambo Yenye Yako Mashinani usinyama ze ukifiri huku kwa ground ni Kuzuri.

    Mheshimiwa Rais Uhuru Kenyatta Na DP,Kwa Maana election Ndiyo ilitutelea Shida Pamka Watoto Wetu wanakosa Kusoma.atakayesikia Kilio Chetu amufikishie Rais Uhuru na Naibu wake tafadhali.

    Ni Mimi John Kinuthia Muregi 0721683542

  2. Pastor John Kinuthia Muregi says

    Greetings Mr President Uhuru Kenyatta and your DP.its election that caused This Promblem That even my Children could not lear whoever heres my Cry let him inform The President and his DP Please from 2007.My daughter she was supposed to join form one at Apperhill Mixed Day Secondary School at Nakuru.But because of lack of School fees she is at Home.

    My Other daughter was supposed to join College this year,but l was not able she at Home Please Mr President Uhuru and DP.Hon Rais Uhuru Na Naibu Wako, Mimi Ni lntergretend I.D.P Na inimekuwa nikijaribu Kuwa nikitafuta Msasda Kwako.Niliathiriwa 2007 na vitu Zangu Zote Zikakwisha pamka Watoto wangu wakakosa Kusoma wako manyunbani.Ni maombi yangu niweze kupata msaada kwcho wewe Rais Uhuru na Naibu wako,mimi Niko Nakuru County,kwa hivyo Rais Uhuru tafadhali sikia kiilio changu na unisaidie kwa maana Election ili niletea shida pamka sasa.

    Ni Mimi John Kinthia Muregi 0721683542

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