President Uhuru Kenyatta wants trial against him stopped


Nairobi, Kenya: President Uhuru Kenyatta Thursday requested a permanent stay of his trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC) citing abuse of the legal justice process ahead of trial commencement.

The trial against him is set to start on November 12, where the prosecution has indicated that the president has to appear in person before the court.

Through his defence lawyers Steven Kay QC and Gillian Higgins, Uhuru said there is evidence of massive interference with the court process.

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“The Defence is in possession of substantial evidence of a serious,  sustained  and wide-ranging  abuse on the  process  of  the  Court carried out  by ( i)  Prosecution  wit ness   OTP-118  and  Prosecution  intermediary , and  ( ii ) Prosecution   witnesses  O TP-11  and  O TP-12,” said the defence team.

Alternatively, the president has requested the trial chamber to order evidential hearing before the start of the trial to determine the issue of abuse of process.

“In   the alternative, the   Defence requests   the Trial Chamber to hold  an  evidential   hearing   entailing   the   calling  of  live evidence  to determine  this  issue  conclusively   prior  to  the  commencement   of   trial.”

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