Whatever Happened to Buru Buru Estate: What a Mess!


It was common expectation from the citizenly that the new constitution would unlock the bounty of GOOD. That GOOD which God established in his orderly and creative process.  Sometimes I wish we could go back to the old days in Kenya. Maybe go back to the old school, old church, and old girlfriends? Not the Girlfriends or boys for that matter, but go back to the time when Kenya was innocent. When it had not experienced greedy construction.

One of my mothers, I have several, is still alive. Harriet my main mother is RESTING in Kijabe waiting for the resurrection. My other mothers are in Kosirai and the other is in Dornhom. That is where Buru Buru comes in. I went there the other day for some birthday. One of my many nieces, and I have many, was having a birthday. Got into the car to attend an evening party! What a mess. Why they planned a party in the night in Buru Buru beats me. Having lived in the United States of Amazement for long and even when visiting the Jamhuri every year, I have not been to Buru Buru for over 19 years!

The last time I was in Buru Buru was when my buddy was a pastor of an AIC church. Went there to play guitar! He lived in a town home on a strip that had no fences or gates.  In those days, it was the same kind of experience like that in my neighborhood in the Sunshine State. I remember we used to come from the church at 9pm, drive home and park the car on the drive way. Sometimes we would forget to lock the doors and still find all things intact.

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One of my mothers used to live in Ofafa Jericho. We used to go there on the weekends sometimes. The city houses, though small were orderly. We would sit outside and chat for hours listening to the music of Brian Adams. I loved the “Song for Mary.”  Those days are over! Gone, gone with the wind!

Driving from Kijabe to Westland is a smooth ride. But once I reached Westland, evening traffic takes control. From Kijabe to Westland is about 45 minutes. From Westland to Nyayo Estate, which is near Embakasi, was 4 hours. Four hours in a portion shorter than that from Kijabe to Westland! I picked my friends family and off we went o Buru Buru. My, my, my! What mayhem. The road is treacherous like driving on mars. The moon is smoother! There is no drainage and my friends told me to relax. “You should try to drive or walk during the rainy season,” they said laughing. I love Kenyans. They laugh everything out. A policeman friend of man was laughing about what happened after the KDF forces joined the Westgate inferno. “Unajua, hawa majeshi walipofika, walianza kushut the plain cloths officers! The plain cloths officers started shooting at them!” He said while laughing.  You got to laugh.  I laugh when I see mkokoteni pushing a Kenyan down a steep road! Sad!

Buru Buru housing has no plan or purpose. The apartment where the party was had a bathroom with a pipe near the ground for “chotaring” water. No sink but a bucket. By the way, no water even though there was a flush toilet. Buildings are facing every which direction. One cannot tell where the road should be, leave alone the drainage. Some character extended his building to the road. Then some mabati church is stuck in the middle of all this chaos. How Governor Kidero will advance the city utilities in the midst of this chaos is beyond my imagination.

I left the place late and one good thing is that I arrived safely. Whatever happened to Buru Buru would have to take a miracle to bring about order! This miracle would have to include an earthquake to level the whole place and start a new. Just get the mass of humanity out before that! As per Nyayo estate, a nice place a Diaspora from the Sunshine State can stay: took a picture from the kitchen window. As for me, I prefer the “Place of Cold Winds.” I love the sight of Columbus Monkeys! Nugus. NO!

By Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) In Kijabe. Listen to tnk on 91.1 Fridays at 5.30pm EST. From Nairobi to Arusha Via Mombasa. IMANISHA. TTP-International.


By Teddy Njoroge Kamau.
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