Photos:Uhuru at Machakos City Launch-Stop trivial politics for development


NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 8 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has called on politicians to put aside their differences, stop playing politics and focus on delivering on their promises.

The President was speaking at the launch of Machakos City which has been a bone of contention between Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua and Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama.

“The Governor has told me over 5,000 men and women from Machakos are already actively engaged as a result of the works that are going on here. These are young men and women who had nothing to do yesterday and now are gainfully employed…why would you want to stop something like that?” he posed.

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Muthama had moved to court seeking to stop the launch on the grounds that the land on which the city is to be established was being fought over by the Machakos County Government and the Ministry of Agriculture.

A smiling Cabinet Secretary of Agriculture Felix Koskei who had initially opposed the project, claiming part of the 4,000 acre property was grabbed from the veterinary department, was however present at the launch while Muthama was conspicuously absent.

“We had tea with him today morning and we agreed to work together,” Mutua said to the gathering present at the launch when acknowledging Koskei’s presence.

Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka was also present at the launch and has in the past called on both Muthama and Mutua, both elected on his party ticket, to put aside their differences and work together.

Kalonzo and NARC party leader Charity Ngilu also seemed to put aside their differences at the launch with Ngilu even eliciting laughter when she mistakenly referred to Kalonzo as the “former president.”

The Lands Cabinet Secretary, who has herself been embroiled in a dispute with the legislature over the unconstitutional appointment of a Director General of Lands, joined Kenyatta in urging Mutua not to allow anything to detract from his development agenda.

“Let me just encourage Governor Mutua and say don’t listen to anybody who wants to stop you from moving, move, you were given the mandate by the people of Machakos to be the Governor, move with speed,” she said.

The National Land Commission (NLC) chairperson Mohammed Swazuri also assured Mutua of their support for the city and the commission’s ability to resolve any disputes over the land.

“The National Land Commission is empowered to set aside land for investment purposes and to ensure that investments on the land benefit local communities and their economies,” he said.

Mutua also assured investors that the NLC was ready to issue title deeds for the project from as early as Monday, “Swazuri has already put structures in place and told us even beginning on Monday they are ready to issue titles to investors once approved by the county government and the county assembly.”

Machakos City is touted to be even grandeur that Konza City and will include a 50 acre entertainment city with 1,000 acres set aside for clean energy and is expected to secure over Sh289 billion worth of

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