A woman who was kidnapped by two men in Seattle Washington says her kidnappers had Kenyan accent.So everybody now knows how Kenyans talk?Ron Imanene of 360 had this to say:

Now, please excuse my ignorance but please also note I’m Kenyan as I ask. What is a Kenyan accent from a non-Kenyan’s perspective (I say non-Kenyan because we the Kenyans are able to ID each other just by sight and sounds), and how was this lady able to isolate the gangsters voice from amongst all the possible other African voices (give her the benefit of the presence of an accent) and the diverse accents that exist even amongst the very Kenyans he singled out. Seriously????

But as you do read and watch the video, it’s only fair to acknowledge that amongst the ignorants out there are may good folk we know and share friendships and relationships with that are open minded and have an enlightened world view. And so I end with hats off to them. It’s not all bad, especially when yours is a tough skin.

But as for whether i’m over -reacting to this news item that aired today (Nov 25th) on Seatlle’s Q13 Fox Channel – You watch it the video and be the judge.

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