Diaspora children:For this one,I take responsibility


When we first moved to the States I failed to make a commitment to teach my children my mother tongue. Then, I came up with lots of reasons to support my move including lack of time, being in a foreign country and the fact that my children were not interested or so I thought. And for many years, I was satisfied with my decision until just recently. What happened?


For the last couple years, my children have been struggling so hard to learn the language on their own. They now blame my wife and I for ignoring to teach them the mother tongue. In retrospect I feel bad and take full responsibility/blame for ignoring part of my parental responsibility. But it’s too late now. The damage is done and irreversible. How Sad, indeed!


I was thinking about this when my computer went on a search mode for similar ugly incidents. I found a few touching ones. Like?

1.       Parents who ignore correcting /rebuking certain behavior in their children as they are growing. It ends up destroying or affecting their lives

2.       Pastors who teach their members to accept/stick to wrong doctrines. They know that what they are teaching is not in line with what the Bible teaches and yet they keep on pumping wrong information into their brains

3.       People who support individuals when they know very well that such individuals are out of step/touch with reality. If they told them the truth, may be they will save them but as it were, they keep on cheating them until its forever too late

Listen. In all that you do, make sure that your mind is very clear. Avoid cheating yourself. Remember that what goes round comes around. Do not put all your efforts in defending that which will come back to haunt you. Life does change and so is reality. Even the powerful and might finally disappear from the map/scene.



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