US Secret Memo: How Uhuru Marshalled 54 African Leaders,Obama compares him to Winston Churchill


Last year, President Uhuru Kenyatta, became the first President in the history of Africa to marshal all the 54 nations in Africa with the aim of amending an international statute that favoured his cases at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

With a great smile and charisma and with the assistance of his Deputy, William Ruto, Uhuru traversed all over the African continent and eventually managed to force the amendments to the rules of the Assembly of State Parties which forms the International Criminal Court (ICC).

According to a secret annual journal published by the White House last week, US President Barrack Obama described Uhuru as an “African leader who is loved by all Africans”. He said the African Union (AU)’s support for his case at the ICC is a good indication that Uhuru may onetime become one of the greatest leaders in Africa.

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“Europe has Winston Churchill, America has George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, Russia has Stalin and Khrushchev and Africa in the next decade will have its pairs of great leaders,” Obama wrote in the journal.

“It is not easy to marshal the whole content to support your course. He is a leader that the world deserves,” Obama added.

He also said that Kenya’s President possesses an extra-ordinary quality of leadership which is hard to get in a dozen of leaders all over the world.

He also said he was moved when he saw South African citizens cheering Uhuru during Mandela’s requiem mass last year.

“He was an ICC indictee and he managed to beat his political rivals. That is a show of commitment and hard work,” Obama said.-osundefender

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