Celebrated TV Anchors Who Are Born-Again (Saved) & Not Ashamed


While critics generally charge that there aren’t many “believers” or genuine religious adherents in entertainment, we argue against this claim, noting that there are certainly some in the entertainment industry who embrace Christ’s teachings.

Though you have/will hear a lot about born-again Christians in everyday, celebs coming back into the fold aren’t so often spoken of. But there are celebs who have given their lives over to God and they are too blessed to be stressed.

The following powerhouses are at the top of their game on TV and magazine and are unashamed about proclaiming their Christian beliefs.

Victoria Rubadiri – NTV



Julie Gichuru – Citizen TV



Mark Masai – NTV



Johnson Mwakazi – Citizen TV



Carol Mandi – Publisher/ Editor, True Love magazine



This Easter, these amazing and talented personalities will be telling their inspiring stories of how they have overcome odds and are now leading aspirational lives. The event will go down at the Nairobi Baptist Church on 12th April from 7PM through to 9PM.


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