The Place to vacation if you are a Kenyan, or African: No Visa Hasle


There are many places in Africa that are worth visiting. However for those who have a little more money to spend, few know that there are countries around the world that are worth visiting and they do not hassle you with invasive Visa requirements. Summer is here for those in North America and Europe. And for the regular traveler, it is still wonderful out there! Members of the commonwealth used to be able to travel to England and get an automatic visa to stay for up to 6 months. No worries, many other better places exist. For starters, Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater is breath taking! About 2 hours drive from Arusha. The virgin forest and the animals, splendid!

If you live in the United States my favorite place for the Diaspora to visit is the Wisconsin Dells! This place is not just fun for the family but the location is splendid. Summer only though! Winters are brutal. If you have time, drive through to Sturgeon Bay also in Wisconsin. If they have not changed, it is one of the most peaceful and beautiful places in the summer. The last time I was there, they did not have any fast food joints: Just small mum and pap’s restaurants. The Inns are affordable going for 75 dollars a night. I met a Kenyan there wondering around aimlessly. Smart guy, that place is great. I drove all the way to fish creek.

If you can afford the trip, especially if you have timeshares, please get your children in the car and drive to the Florida Keys. There are many Keys and if you do not own timeshares, you should check the small lodges on the water’s end. The fish tastes great. Took my sister there and she almost abandoned her family in Kenya! I said Almost. She loved it. In Europe, you should save some money and visit Austria!

For those who are in Kenya or other African countries forget Europe. Look to Cuba. Yes I know people talk about Cuba as a communist nation and on, and on, and on. Cuba has embassies in many African countries. As a Kenyan you can go to the Cuban embassy and their visa (tourist card) is only 20 dollars, if they have not increased. They do not require all the Western embassy blood type stuff! Yet they have some of the best places to visit. The University of Havana is spectacular, the staircases rising from the street below is magnificent. They have these places they call Casas. And if you are a couple, the cost for a night inclusive of breakfast lunch and dinner is around 20 dollars a night. But my advice is for you to take the 65 dollar 3 days trip to their resort beaches. The bus ride is wonderful, the roads are perfect, the sight seeing and finally the resorts are beautiful. Cuba is the safest place to be! Beautiful country.

This of course is for those who are in Kenya, other African countries and Europe! If you are a United States Citizen or a US permanent resident, you need to get clearance from the department of commerce. Americans cannot spend money in Cuba because of the economic embargo. President Obama eased these for students and religious missionaries. Journalists can also travel to Cuba. If you get clearance, you do not need a visa. Your visa is issued by the airlines flying from Mexico to Havana. From Miami, you can take an hour flight to Cancun, then a 45minute flight to Havana or fly to Mexico City. Though Green Card holders do not need a visa for Mexico, do not stay in Mexico. It is not worth it.

But if you are in Kenya, avoid Mombasa. The place to visit is Malindi. If you can take the bus, head north to Lamu. I arrived there around 5pm and waited for the boat to take me to the Heritage group’s resort. By the time the boat came it was around 7pm. This guy drove that boat in the dark! The boat had no lights! Bwana! I was scared to death. But I would do the ride again to get to Kipungani: a paradise!

In the Beginning God called all his creation GOOD. Then he brought man and said, all for you buddy! Go see it, its wonderful!

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) HTBluff Associates. #HTbluff

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