Confused Kenyans React to Supposed PLO Lumumba’s Tweet


As former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga was being interviewed on Citizen TV’s The Big Question, one renowned Kenyan keen on the proceedings of the interview was Patrick Lumumba… or rather the guy running his parody account. It turns out the account is run by someone with jargon mastery just like Lumumba’s.

Here’s what was tweeted.

Let Raila’s extemporaneous expatiations have intelligibility n voracious vivacity without rodomontade or thrasonical bombast #TheBigQuestion

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Many people did not realise the account is a parody, and here are some comments that followed.

‏@gladtobtony  ”let me look for my dictionary first!”

@MercyKangsy  ”is this even English?? Waah i should revisit the library”

@a_opondo  ”@PLO_Lumumba:Let Raila’s extemporaneous expatiations have intelligibility&voracious vivacity without rodomontade orthrasonical bombast”HELP
@Lkwambox   ”What do you mean Sir?”
@LeDadie  ”LoL, you left me at Raila’s.”
@K_Dan_K  ”cheki, wekanga meaning ya hizo words we hutumia hapo kando in brackets ndio tukuelewe”
@John_Nyongesa  ”Mmmh..Let PLOs extra…expa..have intelligibility without. ..weirdly I could simply swap the names of the tweep and the subject”
 ‏@kcmaiyo  @PLO_Lumumba ”is this a good or a bad comment?”
@Orekk  @PLO_Lumumba dear have not least
‏@m_oush  @PLO_Lumumba ”wewe..acha ujinga..una-expect tuelewe aje hizo tweets zako????”

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