Photos:African people with darkest skin,blond hair and blue eyes


Beautiful people of Solomon Islands – They have this very dark skin and bright blond hair
The Solomon Islands are home to people who possess the darkest skin outside of Africa. Many of them have blond hair and blue eyes, something that has puzzled scientists for years. The people of the Solomon Islands have their own gene that makes their hair blonde and it is not connected to Europe in any way. Initially, it was assumed that their blond hair was passed on from European traders who were in the region centuries before.
According to researchers the human characteristic of blond hair arose independently in equatorial Oceania. Others believe that the people of Solomon’s Islands golden hair is as a result of bleaching by sun and saltwater, a diet rich in fish, slavery and the genetic legacy of Europeans or Americans. Geneticists have tried to solve this riddle through various studies and research. The question still remains, Is it as a result of European influence that makes them blond? Do they all come from one gene…..?:

By Angela Omwoha Mukuna

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