Photos:Kalonzo appointed Honorary Consular of Cyprus in Kenya


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Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has been appointed the Honorary Consular for Cyprus in Kenya.

Kalonzo has been appointed by the Cyprus government to represent the interest of the country in Kenya. This is after approval by the Kenyan government.

An Honorary Consular, is appointed by a country to represent its interest within another state. The person appointed is not necessarily a citizen of the country that appointed him or her. Honorary Consular are recognized as persons of influence and capable of furthering objectives in their home countries on behalf of the foreign government they represent.

Kalonzo was presented with the letter of commission for Honorary Consular from Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Ambassador Amina Mohammed on Thursday.

The Cord co-principal is also the honorary chairman of the World Eminent Chinese Businessmen Association (WECBA).
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