Word of the Day:Ordinary men and women who believed God and did the impossible.


The word of God is such a treasure and it is full of stories of ordinary men and women who believed God and they went on to do the impossible. Their stories have been written in the bible and passed on from generation to generation to encourage and challenge us to also rise up and do great things for God. Think about Noah who despite the fact that he was born in a generation that was corrupt and filled with violence, he sets himself apart in Genesis 6, God choose him from all the people of the earth to build the ark. He did something that no one on the face of the earth had ever done before. The creatures of the earth and his household were saved because Noah simply believed and acted. An ordinary man, doing extra ordinary things, because he trusted in God.

What about Abraham, an ordinary man who dared to believe all that God told him. He bore a son at 100 years and we know him today as the father of faith, and through him all the nations of the world have been blessed. An ordinary man, doing the extra ordinary because he dared to have faith in God. Then there was Moses who was raised in the house of Pharaoh as an Egyptian though he was not. His identity would not allow him to live a lie and so he stripped himself of the glory of the house of Pharaoh after 40 years. He spends another 40 years in the wilderness tending after his father in laws sheep. Because of his obedience and humility, this now ordinary Moses did great and mighty things in Egypt. God used him to birth a nation from within a nation in one night and he went on to perform mighty wonders in the wilderness. Just an ordinary man, doing extraordinary things because he dared to believe God. Do you remember David? A simple shepherd boy who was so ordinary, that when his father was parading his sons before the prophet, he was forgotten. Though he was young and as ordinary as they come, God used him to bring down Goliath and the enemies of Israel. We know him as a man after gods own heart. A simple shepherd boy rising up to be king and doing extraordinary things because he knew God and he understood his place in God.

These men were not perfect they had issues just like you and me. Noah got drunk and exposed his nakedness to his sons. Abraham bore a son with his maid servant. Moses killed an Egyptian and he disobeyed God in the wilderness causing him not to enter the Promised Land. David slept with another man’s wife and he even had the man killed. God still used them to do extra ordinary things. What about Esther who came for such a time as this? She was just an ordinary girl with all odds against her. She was an orphan living in captivity with nothing much to look forward to. Through her God preserved a nation. A simple orphan girl, who rose up to be the queen and doing extra ordinary things because she dared to believe. What about Mary? A simple girl, who kept herself pure and caught the eye of God. Through her the saviour was ushered into the world. A simple, ordinary girl, carrying the creator of heaven and earth in her womb. Unbelievable! The simple and ordinary, doing the impossible because she kept herself pure and dared to believe. Then there is you. A simple ordinary man/ woman………I don’t know how that story ends, it is all up to you. We shall get to hear all about it in eternity.

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. New International Version (NIV)
Hebrews 11:6


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