‘America Is A Hell-Hole’ U.S Based Kenyan Rapper Attitude Complains


The grass is not always greener on the other side as many have learnt after settling in the ‘land of the bald eagle’ U.S.A .

There was a time when we had some sort of ‘green card fever’ where Kenyans from all walks of life moved to America  in swarms for a taste of the ‘American dream.’

As soon as they settled there, they realized that things were not all rainbows and butterflies and life there was actually hard. Some of them were forced to resort to blue-collar jobs to survive and yet they were educated.
Even after the green card fever died down many people are still making their way to U.S.A hoping to live the American dream only to find out that its nightmare. Among them is rapper attitude who expressed his distaste for America in a Facebook post describing it as a ‘hell hole’
Ive grown overly tired of America… And by living over seas, I know this is the best country in the world to the less fortunate who haven’t traveled the earth…. Next time I escape this hell hole I’m only coming back to visit family and friends, and vacation…


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