Paying for Toilet Services in Limuru: Is this Sanctioned by Scripture?

People have become wealthy serving death and other human frailties. If there is an under rated market is the idea of feeding, educating, clothing, and serving one’s family from that which is a divine condemnation. A crude friend of mine, and I do not have many crude friends, suggested that every act of violence is a benefit to another. That there are families who would go hungry if people stopped killing each other and dying! Though this is a crude way of looking at this human tragedy, its’ merit as a theory is verifiable.

The United States has this vast business of funeral homes. I saw a TV advertisement encouraging those who are over 60 to sign up for discounts. In fact it is not just the funeral homes that make money, it is also those who sell plots of 6 by 4 feet. And then there is the idea of cremation, which has created several millionaires. Those who engage in this business cannot be condemned, or can they? Death as a Divine Decree stands absolute just like life. When God created life, it was not meant to be temporal. After creating the structure of man using matter, God breathed into man His breath.

It is this second act that gave man a divine identity and gives man the right to claim divinity. For that which emanates from God is Divine and given that God gave man His breath, then that which is the driving force of life is Divine. It is this entity in man that never dies. “From dust you came forth and unto dust you shall return”, is a curse not directed towards the breath of God, for God cannot curse that which is Him, rather, it is the form which he formed from the earth that is condemned. “To dust you shall return.” (Gen. 3:19) Death then has power only to claim matter, but the breath as divine is returned to God.

It is here that modern preachers have become heretical! It is not God who calls people in death, as if God sits at the throne calling out people from matatu accidents, poison, disease, war and violence. Rather it is death that was given the mandate to return the created matter that forms human body back to its original state as dust! Even Satan does not have power to take life (Read Job 1 and 2). Only death has been given the power to take human life. It this argument that St. Paul is teaching in the book of 1st Corinthians 15 “The final enemy to be defeated is death . . . Death where is you victory?”(vs. 55). He asks as he declares that Christ’s resurrection was to show that death, as an independent and powerful entity, would finally be defeated!

Satan as a master of corruption has convinced even the preachers that it is God who takes away the life of loved ones and friends. In Kenya the notorious argument is that God loves a person so much that he takes them (Kills them). This is the lie of the devil. He knows that death came as a result of his deceit. Knowing this, he deflects the blame away from himself and claims that Given that life came with God, it is only him who can take it away. What he does not teach is that man chose death by following Satan! Thus man cannot blame death on God but rationally on he who brought it about: Satan. Also death is independent. It stands alone as an enemy whom Christ will finally defeat.
The business of Death like the business of selling water, and soil comes from the fact that Satan corrupted the minds of Adam through his wife Eve. Though Eve was the one deceived, she received only one condemnation, pain of birth. It is through Adam, as the mandated overseer, that the ground and matter were cursed bringing degradation in all things. This degradation includes the idea that humanity buys even water which God gives free. It scarcity and the degradation of the earth makes humanity sell food to each other. Therefore even the idea of benefiting from the misery of others is itself a result of the curse!

Therefore when I went to Mombasa’s Blue room, or Nakuru’s Nakumatt and was forced to pay 10 shillings to leak, I paid in the same way some character goes to Gods’ free rivers, puts water in bottles, then sells the liquid to me the at 40 shillings or 3.50 dollars at Disney. Whether it is the business of death, or paying to leak, two natural processes, it is as result of our own decision to follow the devil. However the Devil will do everything to blame even draught on an un-caring God! Do not fall into his theory: Remember Eve! I wish Kenya had rest areas with free toilet, free toilet paper, soap, like the ones on I 95 South. But again, stages in human development are a result of the curse! Some animals are more equal than others. Just the way it is.

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) HTBluff Associates @HTBluff/ Diaspora messenger Contributor

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