Kenyan housemaid caught on camera threatening to kill children in Dubai


Maid threatened to kill children if they did not finish food, Dubai court hears.

A Kenyan housemaid was filmed on a camera phone hitting her employer’s children and threatening them with a knife, the Criminal Court has heard.

K A, 30, an Emirati mother-of-three, said on June 2 she returned home from college when another maid in the house revealed that M N A, 31, had been abusing her children,

The other maid, A J S, said she observed the activities as she helped M N A feed and shower the children, who were ages 6, 2 and 1.

“I got home at nearly 8.30pm and A J S came to me and informed me,” said K A.

“She then showed me two recordings she managed to take on her mobile phone of M N A as she hit my kids with a wooden spoon all over their bodies and another as she grabbed a knife from the kitchen and took turns placing it on their necks, threatening to kill them if they did not eat and shower.”

K A said the defendant did not deny the activities when she was confronted about it.

“She was so cold and replied that she was disciplining them,” said K A, who later called police.

Police said that M N A said she only intended to scare the children so they would eat properly.

Prosecutors said one of the recordings showed M N A chasing the children around, before she placed a large knife to one of their necks, then counted to three and threatened to kill the children if they did not finish their food.

M N A denied charges of issuing threats to kill and assaulting the three children.

A verdict is expected on November 4.

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