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UKCLAP201014NAIROBI: Those who seek to advance their geopolitical goals to Kenya’s disadvantage will never succeed, President Uhuru Kenyatta has said.

The President said there are groups abroad that fund and nurture outfits whose aim is to create cleavages between Kenyans and spread a negative image of the country.

“These actors have positioned themselves as the gatekeepers and interpreters of Kenya in various capitals. If they were to succeed, they would so completely rob us of faith in each other that we would put our destiny in the hands of unelected, unaccountable institutions that answer elsewhere,” said the President.

The President made the remarks as he called on Kenyans to remain vigilant and guard their sovereignty against all those who wish to undermine the nation.

He was speaking when he presided over the fifth Mashujaa Day celebrations at the Nyayo National Stadium, Nairobi.

President Kenyatta said the Government will from now on demand for transparency from all institutions that mobilise resources the same way public institutions account for the use of allocated resources.

The President said such accountability was necessary because it will also help the country monitor funding of activities like terrorism that undermine progress in Kenya.

“Their funding and activities must be uncovered at all times to put a stop to their campaign to kill innocent Kenyan civilians and the brave members of our security forces,” he said.

The President said such criminal networks feed on the disunity arising from local leaders whose constant negativity divides communities and causes false ethnic and religious antagonism.

The Head of State said the Government will increase measures to control incitement through legal means.

“We will insist – with every legal tool at my disposal – that the use of public pulpits by all leaders, teachers, preachers and imams be lawful and focused on building national cohesion.

The President called on politicians who dwell on criticism instead of contributing to progress, to change their ways so that Kenya can reap benefits from devolution and the ongoing East African integration.

“Unfortunately, too many of our leaders are masters at shouting at one another, seeking headlines more than real development, and using every ethnic and religious difference to try and split us apart,” he said.

He advised such leaders to compete to create headlines announcing concrete development achievements.

“The immense promise of Kenya will only be truly realized if we all insist that they change their ways and become masters of listening to one another,” said the Preside

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