Govt to issue 200,000 title deeds to Machakos County residents


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Uhuru- mutuaThe Government will soon issue 200,000 title deeds to residents of Machakos County including the fast-growing Mlolongo town on the outskirts of Nairobi.

The President said the titles for Mlolongo will be fast-tracked because the town was growing fast and there was need to attract and protect investments.

The President said the National Government will work closely with the Machakos County government to also ensure that Mlolongo town gets a sewerage system in the shortest time possible.

President Kenyatta also announced that the section of Mombasa Road from Mlolongo to the Machakos turn-off will be upgraded into a dual carriageway by June next year.

President Uhuru Kenyatta spoke Friday during roadside rallies at the start of his tour of Machakos County.

“Mlolongo town has been growing very fast and the increase in population has not been matched by provision of services and infrastructure. We will work closely with the Machakos county government to develop a sewerage system,” he said.

The President made the announcements even as he asked Governors to improve the infrastructure in their regions to attract investors.

The President said county governments should work closely with the National Government and Members of Parliament to improve the standards of services in the towns under their jurisdiction.

He said the National Government is ready to support devolved administrations to improve infrastructure.

The President urged elected leaders to serve Kenyans with honesty instead of engaging in needless arguments.

“Elections are over and it is time for those who were elected to serve the people without judging them by who they voted for,” he said.

The President cautioned politicians against engaging in incitement and the use of vulgar language.

“There is no need for insults and incitement because the citizen cannot eat insults. They need real development,” he said.

On the way to Machakos Town, Governor Alfred Mutua guided the President on a tour of modern rest areas constructed along the highway to serve road users.

The governor also showcased security cars, ambulances and fire engines procured by his administration.

The Governor said time has come for Kenyans to shun the old style of politics built on empty rhetoric.

“It is time for us to shun the politics of poverty and embrace politics of development,” he said. The President was later to attend a Town Hall meeting at the Machakos People’s Park.

The stopover rallies were also addressed by Mavoko MP Patrick Makau and former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndil


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