Boniface Mwangi dressed down over Insult on Maina Kageni


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boniface+mwangiSo Maina Kageni recently told off Boniface Mwangi and his government side counterpart, Denis Itumbi . And in reply, Boniface Mwangi decided to go too low and insult Maina Kageni for airing out his opinion. So let us go through this series of drama – Maina Kageni thinks Mwangi is about money and that his career (which I can no longer describe in English) is about the money that he earns from his puppet masters. We all make money from what we do so that is really not what I am concerned about.

My concern is the reply that Boniface Mwangi offers. For a grown man, father of four children and a public figure known to have balls to step where no one steps into, Mwangi is stooping a little too low into the rat race. Too low, I doubt Maina would even feel a pinch of his insults. Let us look at this screenshot:

Now, let us try stay as low as Mwangi is going, although it is quite a difficult task. Mwangi, you are a guy who gets paid to be beaten up and humiliated in public. You manage to drag a few people with you who might not realize that this is a business to you. Maina simply pointed out that this whole saga was about money, which is true. If you do not have this functions, then your funding would get cut off.

You need to keep creating a success story, not for you or your country as you often claim to be doing, but for your puppet masters. Whose agenda do you serve? How does it support your life? If you could answer these two questions honestly, then you would have no reason to insult Maina, who is actually paid to speak his mind – the actual thing he just did about you.

My problem with you Mwangi is the hypocrisy you carry in your “fights”. When you go to protests, you drag a few innocent Kenyans who actually take it to the street to fight the for their cause, something I would dare say is in their belief. You on the other hand are working hard to put together a show for your portfolio, create a name and keep your bankers happy.

This is however a part of life. The food chain is a cycle. Your kind will use others to make their name and eventually, drive other people’s political agendas and unfortunately, it is the foreigners that fund these kind of operations that benefit, not the citizens.

I do not need to say this but your work is necessary, but do not go too low to insult people who put out an opinion. While you directly benefit, there are people who join your protests because they genuinely want to drive an agenda and they need a leader like you. This leader has to be funded and when people talk about it, stop acting as though you live off manna from heaven, we are in 2015!

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