ICC is using ‘cooked-up’ Bensouda evidence to provoke chaos


The release of evidence against President Uhuru Kenyatta is an attempt by the ICC to provoke animosity in the country, Juja MP Francis Munyua has said.

Munyua accused the ICC of being unjust to Uhuru, noting that the prosecution’s evidence becomes irrelevant when a case collapses.

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He described the Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda’s efforts as the last kicks of a dying horse.

“Bensouda is desperately trying to rekindle the 2007/8 chaos by releasing her cooked-up evidence that was denounced by her witness forcing the ICC to throw out her case,” he said.

“Even here in Kenya this does not happen.”

He was speaking at his office in Juja on Wednesday.

Munyua said the attempt will fail since Kenyans are not foolish children.

He said the people have not forgotten the post election skirmishes but are healing and reconciling.

He urged them to treat the evidence “with the contempt it deserves”, and remain united, peaceful, loving and patriotic.

He said they should also shun all those bent on causing trouble in the country.

Munyua added that the cases against Deputy President William Ruto and journalist Joshua Sang ICC case will also collapse.

Kiambu county Assembly Majority leader Patrick Chege said it is clear that some foreign countries are jealous of Kenya and its leadership.

He also accused them of capitalising on the post election violence to instigate chaos.

“What does the ICC want to achieve by revealing evidence that was not tabled by the witnesses before it? Which law on earth are they applying?” Chege posed.

He called on Kenyans to ignore Bensouda and the ICC “propaganda”.

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