TNA dismisses Bensouda’s evidence against Uhuru

Bensouda-angryKAKAMEGA, KENYA: The National Alliance (TNA) party has dismissed International Criminal Court prosecutor Fatou Bensouda’s evidence against President Uhuru Kenyatta.

On Tuesday, Bensouda unveiled some of the key evidence she was relying on to prosecute President Kenyatta at the Hague based International court.

The party’s Secretary General Onyango Oloo said ICC Bensouda was relying on ‘mere allegations’ to sustain case at the court.

“Bensouda was relying on malicious evidence full of mere allegations. Her evidence did not meet the threshold that is why she did not proceed with the case to allow it tested and cross examined by the defense lawyers” said Oloo.

Speaking to The Standard on phone, he said many people have died in the country since 2007/2008 post-election violence broke out and not all of them can be attributed to be ICC witnesses.

He said Bensouda was unable to link President Kenyatta to the mayhem because she did not conduct thorough investigations instead relied on activists’ reports and records.

“Her untested evidence does not hold any weight to nail down the President, every person at one point will die and this does not mean he/she was a prosecution witness in the case against President Kenyatta” he said.

He also said President Kenyatta and his Government does not have any power to protect people from death.

In her 69 page document, Bensouda also noted key Mungiki members were systematically killed to conceal evidence.

She accused the president for distributing weapons, money and uniform to the outlawed sect to carry out the revenge attacks.

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