Actions have consequences, Laboso tells Wanga over ‘watering’ incident

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Joyce Laboso has said despite forgiving Homa Bay women’s representative Gladys Wanga for sprinkling water on her, a punishment for the deed is still due.

“Punitive action has to be taken against the honourable member. Even if I was to say I have moved on, I have forgiven, there must be a consequence for the actions that took place,” Laboso said during an interview on Citizen Tv’s Sunday Live prime time news.

Laboso hinted at an amendment to the standing orders of the National Assembly which could among other things see MPs who contravene the standing orders lose their seats.

“Out standing orders as they are now would not be able to mete a punishment that is punitive enough to be able to handle the kind of behaviour that we saw on that day,” Laboso said. “We need to have such punitive measures including being sent home, and the seat being declared vacant,” She added.

Laboso went on to say that Leadership and Integrity in Chapter 6 of the Constitution of Kenya needs to be enforced in order to restore the confidence of Kenyans in the elected leadership.

The House descended into chaos on December 18, 2014 during the voting of the Security Laws Amendment Bill 2014. Opposition MPs started heckling and tearing the amendments papers forcing the house to be adjourned.

The Bill was eventually voted in and assented to by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The opposition has since moved to court to challenge the legality of the Act.


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