Beware,New Face Book Hacking Trick

The Nigerians or should we says Kenyans trained by our friends the Nigerians have hatched up a new trick to hack your face book profile and use it to defraud unsuspecting face book users.

It  starts with  one of your friends asking you to like a page and once you log in, they get your credentials and use your profile to  solicit for money from your friends who obviously think that it is you.


Mama C of Texas is one victim whose account has been used to solicit money from Kenyan.several people have confirmed having fallen victim to  the scam.One Njeri Gathu has confirmed having sent Ksh 20,150 to Elizabeth Njenga of phone #0700 562 343. Another friend,Musi Kiarie has sent to the same person money.

Before you respond to such request for money,call your friend,text or whatsApp them to make sure it is a genuine request.

By Diaspora Mesenger


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