Video:Be Wary Of Kissing Cancer during Valentine,Kenyans Told


Kissing is what most people do to show love however during this month of lovers, doctors are now warning Kenyans to be aware of kissing cancer.

Dr. Naphtali Busakhala of the Moi teaching and referral hospital now says that Kaposi sarcoma also known as the kissing cancer is the number one killer disease in Kenya.

Busakhala further warns that the disease is transmitted very fast through kissing adding that this type of cancer is a silent killer and many tend to ignore the symptoms.

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Busakhala is now urging Kenyans to stop kissing everyone they meet further noting that Kaposi sarcoma mainly affects men.

Moi teaching and referral hospital has over 1000 patients with this disease.

By Bonareri Samaha

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