Police aircraft meant to ferry Recce squad to Garissa University was in Mombasa on a family trip


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Police aircraftThe aircraft that was meant to ferry GSU Recce squad to the Garissa University College terror attack on Thursday, April 9, had been used several times to ferry the family of Kenya Police Airwing commandant Rogers Mbithi  to Mombasa.

Pictures posted on his daughter’s instagram, show Mbithi’s two children sitting on the steps of the plane while at the coast with a comment “Mombasa ni raha tu” (Mombasa is just fun).

Another comment of a photo taken of the commandants’ daughter inside the plane reads “Hi Mombasa…#birthdayweekend”.

The photos were posted on Intagram on diverse dates with some appearing 10 weeks ago, 27 weeks and 62 weeks.

Inspector General Joseph Boinnet had confirmed that the plane was not available to ferry the Recce officers during the siege at the Garissa University College by terrorists.

Boinnet said that investigations have been launched to find out where the plane was while terrorists butchered 147 students at the University.

Sources had said that the plane was on an unauthorized trip to Mombasa resulting in the delay that saw the squad arrive in Garissa at noon despite the attack having began at dawn.

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