TB-Joshua-NewAs the world joins the nation of Kenya to mourn the nearly 150 victims of a brutal massacre by Al-Shabaab terrorists at Garissa University College, a YouTube video has sensationally claimed that Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua predicted the attack several years ago. 


The short clip, uploaded by the YouTube channel of Emmanuel TV, shows the controversial cleric addressing his congregation on Sunday 11th March 2012.


“I have a message for Kenya now,” Joshua begins. “It is not yet over because I am seeing school children being targeted.”


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The cleric, who has allegedly predicted several previous attacks perpetrated by Al-Shabaab militia, continues, “They attacked in a school – a situation where you learn something happened to the children. A touch on the children is a touch on God. They should pray fervently.”


T.B. Joshua has gained a large following, especially in Africa, mostly due to the popularity of his Christian television station Emmanuel TV. His YouTube channel has 165,000 subscribers.


The clips description ends with a prayer: “We pray that God would strengthen and comfort the people of Kenya and all those involved in this tragic incident, in Jesus’ name.”

By Ihechukwu Njoku

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