Isaac Kinity

From the days of the Independence of Kenya in 1963, there has not been any leader in Kenya, who has ever gone this far.  President Uhuru Kenyatta has bravely opened the wound which has remained covered year by year by successive Presidents In Kenya. Thanks Mr. President. The wound can now be treated and healed.

Many Kenyans have lost their souls while trying to fight corruption in Kenya. Many others have been left physically and mentally hurt and maimed, as a result of their war on graft. Corruption in Kenya is at a certain level which many doubt would ever be managed.
But right now, no one in Kenya and elsewhere doubts President Uhuru Kenyatta’s seriousness in this war. He looks very determined to end this war once and for all. Most of us who have been engaged in the war on graft in Kenya for many years, feel very relieved, safe and very comfortable by the Presidents determination and aggressiveness to end this vice, which has always brought  our Nation and its people, to its knees.
As determined as we have been in the war on corruption for many years, determined we will be, in our support for the President in his pursuit of this new nobble course. And those who still doubt President Uhuru Kenyatt’s new move on corrupt leaders in Kenya, should give him time and at the same time give him support so that  success to winning this war can be realized. It is not a simple war. All Kenyans should be in deep prayers.
By Isaac Newton Kinity.

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