Biggest project organized by Diaspora Kenyans -Congratulations Bishop Donald Mwawasi

As I celebrated the New Year 2015 I had no idea I would be part of those creating the biggest project organized by Diaspora Kenyans for implementation in Kenya. Since joining Kenya University Project (KUP) to develop an Institution town in Kenya, I have found myself inspired by Kenyans ready to advance Kenya economy from a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $53 billion to move forward to where South Korea went to, $1.45 trillion, after they left us. I take this opportunity to say, “Congratulations Bishop Donald Mwawasi on the Institution Town Plan approval by Taita Taveta County Assembly.”

I also take the opportunity to congratulate Taita Taveta County Assembly members who made history when they approved the Kenya University Project Institution Town Plan. The members of the County Assembly shall forever be remembered for the role they played in establishing the Institution Town and advancing devolution. The sons and daughters of the County who shall benefit with education shall prosper themselves and future generations because of this noble deed.

Kenya University Project goal to meet rights of housing, education, healthcare needs reminds me each day that the Diaspora Kenya community resulted from the search of these rights. It reminds me that each town and city in the U.S that Diaspora Kenyans have settled in gives them the rights to healthcare, housing for their families; education for themselves and their children; clean water supplied inside their homes and the opportunity to be free from hunger. The project reminds me that attaining these rights are what led thousands on Kenyans to migrate abroad and not the hot weather in the Southern states or the extreme cold weather in the Northern states.

As I followed Bishop Mwawasi trips to Kenya where he pursued the Institution Town approval and land; as I listened to his reports I was happy to be teaming up with a great man with purpose and commitment. I am happy to share his goal in developing the rights of education, housing, clean water for others. Reading that the Taita Taveta County Assembly had approved the Institution Town plan made me in a moment of thought say to myself, “Bishop Mwawasi you are PhD of development.”

As a person who achieved my PhD in Computer Science, I’m today blessed to work in advancing technology. Having joined the Information Communication & Technology (ICT) sector during its early years of expansion after the World Wide Web was kicked off 1989, I have been part of the growth. ICT growth has been one of the contributors to the U.S GDP growth from a $6 trillion economy in 1989 to become a $17 trillion economy today. The achievement made by Bishop Mwawasi and the County Assembly members make me look forward to growing the ICT sector in Kenya in this town.

I am also happy that Dr. Wilson Endege of Boston MA and Dr. Michael Ndengele of St Loius, MO will be advancing Bio-Technology through the Institution Town. Bio-technology is the other new sector that also contributed to the $11 trillion economic expansion in the last 25 years in the U.S.

Indeed I can tell Bishop Mwawasi that his effort shall be rewarded by Diaspora PhD holders kicking of the institution. Today we have 20 PhD holders ready to kick off the Institution. I can proudly predict and say, “The Institution Town shall be where PhD holders in Diaspora shall relocate to as they invest their vast knowledge to grow Kenya education, expertise and industrial technology.”

I cannot forget to thank the Kenyans in Columbus who when I joined and asked them to commit to develop properties responded with positive zeal. It takes commitment to build the towns and cities we live in. It takes persons who are ready to see light where there is none.

By Daniel M. Kimethu, Ph.D/Diaspora Messenger contributor

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