Raila launches another 2017 campaign tool


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Raila Odinga campaign toolCord leader Raila Odinga on Thursday night launched another campaign tool as he kicks off plans for his 2017 Presidential bid.

Mr Odinga told guests at the cocktail event hosted at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Foundation in Nairobi that there was nothing in age that can stop him from performing functions of the State if he had an opportunity.

“When Nelson Mandela came from prison he was 72 but he still went ahead to lead the anti-apartheid win in South Africa. Several years ago I was young turk and we have seen the current young turks as well. But whether young or old a turk all the same,” said Mr Odinga.

He spoke at the launch a new mobile platform on short code 20217 dubbed Raila Connect, which he said will be used to enhance his interactions with Kenyans.

The move came just two weeks after Mr Odinga launched an interactive personal website targeting young Kenyans.

“I will be using this platform to engage Kenyans in the mobile telephony platform whose network has grown to close to 20 million,” Mr Odinga said.
Though he did not directly discuss his campaign strategy, speakers at the event spoke of plans for 2017 elections and how they hoped Mr Odinga will win after three unsuccessful bids in the past.

Mombasa Senator Omar Hassan and MPs Junet Mohammed (Suna East), Opiyo Wandai (Ugunja) and Jared Kopiyo (Awendo) were present at the function.

Mr Hassan said Mr Odinga is capable of winning the presidency and called for proper poll preparations to ensure the dream is achieved.

“Nobody inspires the change dream in Kenya like Mr Odinga does. We would lay our true-digital strategy to ensure a win this time round, “Mr Hassan said.
He lauded the launch of the new platform, which he said will offer Kenyans an opportunity to engage Mr Odinga on national issues affecting the country in the run-up to the polls.

Mr Mohammed said Cord will have an organised campaign and capitalise on the government failures and unfulfilled promises to win the 2017 elections.

“We believe we have enough good will and if we support Mr Odinga it will be difficult for them (opponents) to beat us,” said the Suna East MP.

Mr Wandai criticised the Jubilee government accusing its top leaders of engaging in fraudulent activities.

“You cannot run government by extortion and through fraud as they appear to be doing,” said the Ugunja MP.


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