Senator Mike Sonko likely to lose seat after missing House


SonkoNAIROBI: Fresh twist has emerged in the Senate after Senate Deputy Speaker Kembi Gitura revealed that Mike Sonko’s request to step aside was rejected.

Senate Minority Leader Moses Wetangula Tuesday said because Sonko has been absent from the House for a month following the presidential list of shame that named Sonko for allegations of corruption, he had missed eight sittings and therefore the seat should be declared vacant.

In a heated session Sonko confirmed to the House that the letter he wrote to Speaker Ekwee Ethuro was rejected.

Sonko insisted that he was complying with the presidential directive and as far as he is concerned

he followed the standing orders on informing the speaker of his absence.

“All I did was to comply with the presidential directive for state officers mentioned to step aside. I don’t care losing my seat if that is what it will cost me by complying. There is life after politics even if I were to lose my seat,” Sonko said.

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