Here are some of the most weird marriage proposals!


Obama and MaliaObama’s daughter and other celebs who have been stunned by crazy marriage requests

First, there was The Godfather. Then there was the Kenyan lawyer. They taught the world how to make an offer one can’t possibly refuse. US president Barack Obama may have learnt this lesson when Felix Kiprono, a lawyer from Nairobi, offered him 70 sheep, 50 cows and 30 goats in exchange for his daughter Malia Obama’s hand in marriage. The president might still have doubts about this fine suitor, but Kiprono has topped it with the most romantic revelation ever — that he has had his eyes set on Malia since 2008, (creep alert: who was then just 10), and has been ‘faithful to her’ ever since. He further serenaded her with a promise to propose on a hill by his rural village, and teach her how to milk cows and make the traditional Kenyan drink Mursik — thus presenting her with a simple marital village life. Now, we don’t know about the father, but how can a young girl not be swept away by that kind of aww-dulation?

Currently, Kiprono is in the process of drafting a letter addressed to Obama, detailing the offer and requesting him to bring along Malia when the President — who has Kenyan ancestry on his father’s side — comes for his first official visit to the country in July. Whether or not Malia’s heart melts remains to be seen. Meanwhile, we take a look at some of the most extreme marriage proposals celebs have received over the years.

Others who’ve got such proposals
Potus can take lessons from predecessor Bill Clinton, who had once received a similar offer from… wait for it… yet another Kenyan! Godwin Kipkemoi Chepkurgor pitched his offer of 40 goats and 20 cows to marry Chelsea Clinton. Do we smell a conspiracy by the Kenyans here? #JustAThought.

Prince Harry gets Victoria’s proposal
The prince went there for war. And he got love instead. During Prince Harry’s visit to Australia this month for a military assignment, starry eyed 21-year-old Victoria McRae presented the him with the ‘last chance’ of marrying her. When Harry politely asked for some time to think about her “Marry Me, Last Chance, Prince Harry” request, she stole a kiss from him! Cheeky… er… lippy… we say!

Madonna had Robert Dewey Hoskins wanting to marry/murder her
There’s romantic, there’s funny, there’s delusional and then there’s psychotic. When Robert Dewey Hoskins claimed he was either going to marry Madonna or “slash her throat from ear to ear”, the singer, we are sure, found new meaning to her hit number, Crazy for you!

Demi Lovato wrote, ‘Meet my future husband Grant’ on a social networking site
Here’s some meet-cute for you. When Grant proposed marriage to Demi Lovato, she didn’t take a second to say ‘yes’. Lovato, during a stage performance spotted the five-year-old in the audience holding up a sign saying, “Demi, I have a ring for you.” Subsequently, he went up on stage, got down on his knees, slipped a ring on Demi and sealed the proposal with a kiss. In the face of that kind of cuteness, Demi didn’t stand a chance.

Allie married a cut-out of Harry Styles
Settling for a doppelganger in the absence of the real object of affection is so mainstream — even Bollywood does it. So, this 1D fan took it to the next level. A woman, who goes by the name Allie, got married to a cut-out of Harry Styles. Yes, a cardboard cut-out. She bought herself a ring, extracted a proposal out of the cardboard Harry and in a lavish ceremony, which was attended by other 1D members (cut-outs, of course) pledged her eternal love to the popstar.

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