With Money Flowing like honey into Nanyuki, all un-employed Women Should Move There?


There is a report that came out the other day which suggested that the town of Nanyuki is booming. Nanyuki is indeed a great town. Its proximity to Mt. Kenya makes it an ideal place for any tourism related business. If you have never been to Nanyuki and the surrounding areas, then you are missing part of the reason Kenya is one of the best destinations. And for a Kenyan not to get into a car, matatu, or bus and drive around, it is to not fully enjoy God’s gift of Mountains, streams, and the terrain outside the chaotic traffic and people jams in the towns.

The Mount Kenya Safari Club is not only beautiful but it is surrounded by some of the best natural shrubs and bushes in the world. It has incredible walking paths: A perfect place for family walk. My favorite is to wake up early morning and enjoy the majestic Mount Kenya. The Legendary Clint Eastwood has been there on occasion. The Twin rivers resort houses tents and water holes so that one can watch animals quench their thirst while having a cup of Kenyan tea in the club house. My favorite is the Ol Pejeta house run today by Serena hotels. When I stayed there, it was during the tourism draught. Therefore, 4 Americans and I enjoyed a mansion with massive beds that can fit eight people! According to legend, Murmur Kaddafi and other gulf state business men used to land their private planes on the private airstrip for the weekend. It did not matter to me because the private game drive, the beautiful dining room, and the butler were all I needed. And the food, wacha tu!

These resorts are not cheap, something some of us have complained about over the years. But like everything else in the Jamhuri, no one listens. I figure they do not want regular Kenyans to visit: financial discrimination that is prevalent in our Jamhuri! Trip advisor does have a few hotels they recommend which are situated around the town.

But the boom I read about was nothing tourist based. It was someone who is promoting the presence of British ‘Johns’ who have been doing their military excises. For years, Kenya has had a relationship with Britain which allowed their troops to practice in Nanyuki. Over the years however, these guys have taken advantage of poverty and abused our women. The government has set out to review their presence. According to the writer, the only hope for Nanyuki’s financial glory is from these rapists! The writer gives an example of one prostitute who somehow would have no job if not for these characters! The writer suggests that the residents of Nanyuki will suffer catastrophic financial calamity if these guys are gone.

Well, with such praise of these guy’s ability to sleep around with our women, rape some, abuse others, and with their government protecting them against prosecution, what would make our women not go there and ‘get rich’! Man, I might as well take my nieces there! This is Neo-colonialism and this historical theory can go to hell! Do our people have to take abuse because our country is poor? Jameni!

Read the piece below and decide whether your sisters should move!

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (Ph.D) HTBluff Associates. An EMG Consortium @HTBluff. Diaspora Messenger Columnist

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