Russian Orthodox Church Ends Ties with Protestants Over Gay Marriage!

Russian Orthodox Church
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Not since the reformation has the church been involved in a great theological ‘war’.

The Gay marriage issue has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many biblical Christians. But with the protestants churches seeming to bend to the will of the masses and ignoring the biblical history, a new reformation has emerged. The first reformation was headed by Martin Luther. Martin Luther (1483-1546) was an Augustinian monk and university lecturer in Wittenberg when he composed his “95 Theses,” which protested the pope’s sale of reprieves from penance, or indulgences. Although he had hoped to spur renewal from within the church, in 1521 he was summoned before the Diet of Worms and excommunicated. Sheltered by Friedrich, elector of Saxony, Luther translated the Bible into German and continued his output of vernacular pamphlets. He protested thus the title, “Protestants.”

The Neo-reformation is the opposite. It is the Russian Orthodox Church cutting ties with protestants for what they see as a clear violation of Biblical Tradition.

By Timothy K. Nyenjeri. Research Fellow at HTBluff Associates. An EMG Consortium @HTBluff. For Diaspora Messenger.

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Russian Orthodox Church Ends Ties With Protestants Over Gay Marriage

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