Celebrating Barack Obama as a Luo? We can do Better!


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If you are sitting at Java House in Nairobi, the only thing that reminds you that US President Barack Obama is coming to Kenya is your laptop news! However when you move out to drive on Uhuru Highway, the historical Kenyan (Hypocritical) makeover is evident. The work is going so well that if it rains, the drainage will be completly blocked and the US President will have to take a swim from the airport to wherever he will be staying. Swim because the temporary make over is composed of truck loads of soil, rocks, flowers, and patch up cement on the pavement. If it rained the water in the middle of the street would have no where to go! This however is not surpirsing. Every time Kenya’s president or his deputy visit a village, the machinary gets there a few days before to cover up years of neglect!

The most interesting thing about the historic return of our ‘cousin’ is the drama in Kenya’s tribal radio. Driving down from Kijabe, I picked the Kameme Fm and listenned as the morning show characters laughed that the people of Kayore have begun to prepare believing that Obama will spend a night there. Others claim that in Kiambu, some are preparing to roast the road side maize in thousands believing that Obama may be staying at Widsor Hotel. In Nandi county, the traditional ‘Mursik’ has been brewing in the traditional carabash for Obama to have a good meal of ugali and this tasty maziwa mala! In Kagero, some are planning to wait all night for their son to arrive!

The problem with Kenyans is that they never fail to drift into tribal categories with others claiming that Obama is coming to up the posibility of a Luo takeover. Some claim that even Rupita is Luo and therefore Luos should be given more prominence in Kenya’s political landscape. No matter the motivation for this event, Kenyans are aware that Barack Obama is coming to Kenya. They also recognize that he has proven once again that Kenyans have the most unique DNA on earth. In fact it is true that the leakey Family Who have a legitimate claim on Kenya (Being sons of Kenya’s british patriarchs) have speculated that the Garden of EDEN was somewhere near my village in Kijabe!

United States of America may never have another mixed grill president whose colour favors blackness. But we in Kenya do not care. We have produced the first and maybe the only blakish president to lead the most influencial nation in the world. Therefore we must welcome this son of Africa to his ‘village’ and celebrate God’s constant annointing of those who the world consider poor and of no consequence.In this case, though not withstanding Obama’s move away from traditional biblical foundation, even Jesus of Nazareth was born in a manger to poor and insignificant parentel history.

Welcome Home Mr. President. We thank you!

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) HTBluff Associates. An EMG Consortium @HTBluff. Diaspora Messenger Columnist. In Nairobi.

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