Isaac Kinity

Unless the Kenya  CORD political party circumnavigates through a 360 degrees about turn, its future with the NO, NO, NO policy to everything done,  good and/or bad,  by the current Kenya Administration,  there no doubts  its future will be doomed and will likely be surrounded  with a lot of uncertainty.

The purposes of every opposition Party in every nation in this world, is to put a sitting Government on its toes by way of criticizing the wrongs done, the laxity of doing things the right way and the failure to accomplish the constitutionally  mandated obligations.

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But the manner in which the main Kenya opposition party CORD has been conducting itself in the past few years,  leaves a lot to be desired, because except for its criticism  of the Government on everything it does, it does not provide alternative solutions to the problems affecting the Kenyan people. It has continued with its criticism even in  the areas the government has done commendable jobs. And although there are still some areas the Kenya Government has to work on to improve the living standards of Kenyans, there are no doubts that in the last few years, there are very many good things which have been done by the Kenya Government, for which the CORD party should have applauded it, instead of criticizing it. The criticism of the Government over the problems affecting the common Kenyans, would only be considered and viewed orderly and good, when coupled with possible solutions to those problems.
Truly, Kenya needs an opposition party for purpose of  keeping the Government on its toes, but not the kind of the opposition party the CORD Party has depicted itself to being. It has to change its current  blind policy of NO, NO, NO,  if it has to win  the confidence of the Kenyan people.
By Isaac Newton Kinity.

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