Watch Out For First Woman President Who Might Be Raila Odinga’s Daughter

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s eldest daughter, Rosemary, now claims that she has what it takes to be Kenya’s first woman President.

While speaking during an interview with a local daily, Rosemary said that anything is possible and that’s why she has her eyes set on the Presidency.

“Anything is possible. A woman can be President.” Rosemary exuded confidence. Of late, Rosemary has been showing great interest in politics and this has led to rumours that she may vie for a seat in 2017.

She has been carrying out various programmes to connect with the youths and it now seems that she may take over the mantle from “Baba”.
Rosemary claims that former Gichugu MP, Martha Karua, who is referred by many as the iron lady is mentoring her as she prepares to venture into active politics.

But it’s for the voters to decide; do you think that she can be Kenya’s first woman President with the current political situation in our country?

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