Self proclaimed ‘god’,Jehovah Wanyoyi hospitalised in Nairobi


JEHOVAH WANYONYIJehova Wanyonyi, the spiritual leader who calls himself the “living god” is hospitalized in Nairobi, where his sons are taking care of him.

His followers have been camping at his home in Nangili
village on the border of Uasin Gishu and Kakamega counties, which doubles as a “shrine,” to find out his whereabouts.

Wanyonyi, 98, has not been at his home for the last one month.

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“We have not heard of his actual
whereabouts but we know he is with his sons at a hospital in
Nairobi where they are taking care of him,” family spokesman
Eliab Masinde told the Star on phone on Wednesday.

Masinde asked followers of the Lost Israel sect which Wanyonyi leads, not to be worried about his
condition but wait for further information.

There have been rumours that Wanyonyi may have died and was buried in Uganda, where he also has a following.

“Jehovah is not dead and we will make available information on him soon,” said Masinde.

“We are sure
that he is well and will be back at the shrine. Those claiming that he
is dead are wrong and they will also come to know the truth,” said one
of the followers Mary Nasimiyu.



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