President Uhuru should be investigative journalist-Go Undercover

Photo courtesy:khilafah
Photo courtesy:khilafah

Now that Uhuru Kenyatta has declared and directed many things to be done about corruption, and my taxes pay him, i now want to DIRECT him to go undercover dressed as Kamau, Omolo, Kimutai, Mutinda, Momanyi, Swale…. and Margaret can just dress as Wanjiku, Chebet, Nekesa or Mueni. We start from the very simple things.

Sawa Muigai? Don’t sit at Caledonia waiting for reports, after 3 weeks they will bore you to death. I can get a few make-up artists to work on you and Maggie plus we can go shopping at Toy market to buy clothes. I promise it will be fun. I promise!!

1. As Kamau, visit a Kenya Power office to find out when your power will be connected.

2. Go to KRA here at Times Towers (dressed as a Mr. Omolo) asking to sort out tax statements from three years ago.

3. Change to Kimutai and get into a cargo truck. Drive from Mtito to Nakuru and tell me how many traffic cops will stop you. Remember to carry many packets of tea leaves. They are legal highway traffic currency :-) :-)

4. As Swale, go to immigration asking to renew your passport or better still, go to a police station in Easleigh to complain about your shop being robbed. Don’t forget to carry your ID and your great grandfathers death certificate as well.

5. Margaret on the other hand just needs to pop into KNH dressed as Nekesa taking a sick relative and go to the x-ray department. She should learn a few KNH words like “lunch” and “film imeisha”.

6. Assuming she was Mueni, she can go to the County Hall looking for construction permits. Tell us how that goes.

7. Friday night, you (dressed as Momanyi) and Margaret (dressed as Chebet) can meet me at Rafikiz for drinks. After a few drinks we can sight see along Langata road and say hello to the NTSA folks. Please remember to carry some (currency) notes for me and I will show you how people use them. See ya!!

By Mukurima Muriuki


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