Amazing:Corpse ‘refuses’ to be buried, crashes hearse into tree


corpseA mourning family in Nyamira was thrown into panic after a hearse ferrying the body their kin was involved in an accident. It is alleged the departed was protesting against his body being viewed at his father’s ancestral home.

Speaking to The Nairobian, Charles Aumbi, a close relative, said Stephen Okindo, the deceased, was a teacher at Mosocho in Kisii County and rarely visited home.

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Aumbi revealed that on the burial day, they started the journey well, but upon reaching Kiemuma village in North Mugirango Constituency, the hearse veered off the road and crashed into an electricity post.

The coffin was thrown out of the car.

“We were all in shock. We couldn’t explain what exactly was happening. The body lay on the roadside for close to an hour when the driver scattered from the scene,” he said.

The mourners reassembled the coffin, tightly fastened it with ropes after collecting the body which suffered dents.

Three members of the bereaved family sustained injuries and were rushed to Ekerenyo Sub-county Hospital before being transferred to another facility where they are recuperating.

Further, Aumbi alleged that Okindo could have been bewitched because he suffered from a ‘mysterious disease’.

“His lower limbs began swelling followed by his chest. Later, he developed respiratory complications, which the doctors couldn’t treat,” he said.

Mark Omesi, a resident, told The Nairobian “This person has not been living here at home and for a long time. He has been away with his family. His sickness is as a result of witchcraft. He was a calm soul who didn’t have any grudges with anyone,” he said.

Florence Tubman, the principal of Ong’icha Secondary where the late Okindo taught English and Religious Studies described him as ‘calm and devoted.’

“We are equally shocked with this occurrence. I think he deserved to rest peacefully. He was a very cheerful man until the time he died,” said Tubman.

Stephen Okindo was buried a day later.

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