Bungoma prophet writes own bible, crafts 12 commandments


Nabii YohanaFour months after the mysterious death of Jehovah Wanyonyi, a man terming himself the last prophet from God to mankind has cropped up in Bungoma county.

Nabii Yohana (V) from Nandoli village, Kanduyi constituency, was born on February 15, 1941. The 75-year-old has 36 wives and 99 children.

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He said he is the third prophet God has sent to earth, “after Moses and Jesus Christ”.

Yohana has produced his own bible with 93 books, 27 more than those in the book used by Christians. He has also come up with 12 commandments, two more than what God gave Moses at Mt Sinai.

He said his bible is known as ‘Agano Mpya na ya Mwisho (the new and last translation)’, seeing as he is the last prophet from God.

Some of the books in the bible are ‘Geoffrey’, ‘Agnes’, ‘Immanueli’ and ‘Mfarisayo Paulo’, said the self-proclaimed prophet.

Yohana said he only has one copy of the bible but will produce others with the help of well-wishers.

The bibles will be given free of charge, he said, noting “a man sent by the almighty cannot sell the word of God to his sheep”.

The man said he spent 68 years of his life working on the bible after God revealed the message to him at age seven.

He said he has been teaching a class of 96 students but wants to recruit 5,000, to learn the word “given to me by God’. The number will help him spread the message to the whole world, he said.

Yohana claimed God chose Mt Elgon as his third home, where he will be worshiped, after Mt Sinai and the USA, where World Bank is located.

He said his ‘State House’ will be at the mountain and that Lwakhakha border has been chosen for the ‘World Bank’ of East African countries.

“We will have our own currency and consult the government of Kenya to ensure Central Bank is moved to Malaba border,” he said.

He said machines for printing currency will be located at the ‘State House’ at Mt Elgon’.

Paul Khaemba, Speaker of ‘Bunge la Agano Mpya na ya mwisho’ said their church is called ‘Muungano Church for All Nations’.


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