Chase Debate: Sustaining Youth Entrepreneurship. Are We Doing It Right?

Chase storiesIt has often been said, and rightly so, that the youth are the future of any economy. This is because they have the potential to make change on the society due to the opportunities surrounding them and their ability to adapt to them. Take technology for example. Nobody is in a better position to capitalize on the opportunities arising from the digital age than the youth.

Unemployment among the youth is very high, and entrepreneurship has been suggested as the possible solution to this. The youth have been urged to take up to entrepreneurship as an alternative to employment and some have heeded to this call.  Entrepreneurship among the youth enhances economic growth that promotes competition and innovation.

It is every parents’ dream is to see their children become successful in whatever they’re doing. And that’s why as a parent you should encourage the young ones to pursue their passions. Find out what your child loves doing and guide them on how they can use that talent in filling a gap in the society. Teach them the value of money, and how they can manage it so that it can work for them. Show them how to turn their passion to profits.

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Read the full post on the Chase Bank Kenya Blog – Chase Stories.

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