GIST TECH-I: Vote for Kenya’s 2016 Tech-1 Semifinalists

GIST TECH-I: Vote for Kenya’s 2016 Tech-1 Semifinalists

Since 2011, The U. S. Department of State’s Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) initiative has engaged with science and technology innovators and entrepreneurs in 135 emerging economies around the world, providing training and resources to help them build successful startups. This is done through competitions, startup boot camps, and interactive online programs. GIST Network is the home for all these activities.

102 of the world’s most promising young science and technology entrepreneurs are competing for the chance to pitch at the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Silicon Valley.Here below are Kenyans who have made the list,kindly vote for them.

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Watch their pitch videos and vote for your favorite innovations every day until May 1 at:

Onesmus Emeka

2016 GIST Tech-I Idea Phase Semifinalist

Company: Tanoger – Project Name: Tanoger

Interior finishing in the Kenyan real estate industry has evolved so much with buyers nowadays settling for something bespoke. However, most of the Kenyan property listing portals just link buyers to houses for sale with interior design concepts of the seller. This often offers limited or virtually no provision for allowing the buyers to select a custom interior finishing to be incorporated into their dream home. Tanoger seeks to disrupt this trend by giving buyers a chance to model, select and communicate their interior finishing tastes to sellers to be part of the interior house design they are buying.

Gathii Kimita

2016 GIST Tech-I Idea Phase Semifinalist

Company: – Project Name: Kumi Kumi Monitor

In Kenya, illicit brewing of spirits (moonshine), popularly known as “Kumi Kumi”• is a big underground industry with an estimated consumer population of 4 million people. Unfortunately, moonshine epidemics characterized by deaths, blindness and other ill health occur often due to poor distillation methods that produce methanol instead of ethanol and sometimes due to deliberate addition of methanol to improve potency. I am proposing that development of a simple and affordable method to detect methanol in this popular brew makes good business sense, and most importantly will save lives.

Stella Ngugi

2016 GIST Tech-I Idea Phase Semifinalist

Company: Smart Society Kenya – Project Name: Smart Ballot

For institutions,voters and candidates who need to access unbiased,timely & accurate election information, Smart

Ballot is a Digital Application platform that provides civic education on electoral matters resulting in an empowered election community. Unlike Tv and newspapers our product is real time, convenient and can be accessed from anywhere.

Tom Nyakambi Nickson

2016 GIST Tech-I Startup Phase Semifinalist

Company: Mito Mobile Healthcare – Project Name: mHealth Cercax

Mito mHealth is a Health/ICT venture dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare by increasing transparency and communication between patients and medical professionals. We are developing a cheap, easy to use mobile and web platform that makes it easy for patients and healthcare professionals to securely share life saving information on screening, diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer. This innovative solution is aimed at early detection and treatment of cervical cancer.

Charity Wanjiku

2016 GIST Tech-I Startup Phase Semifinalist

Company: Strauss Energy Ltd. – Project Name: Strauss Stima BIPV roofing tile

Strauss Energy is a vibrant energy enterprise with a revolutionary 2-in-1 roofing tile that ensures significant reduction of power bills, installation costs and best of all passive income from sale of extra-generated power back to the national grid, effecting net metering. We makes roofing tiles that capture the sun’s rays and convert them into solar energy. Building Integrated Photo Voltaics (BIPV) produce power that can sustain households without the need for a secondary power source.

Vote for your favorite innovations every day until May 1!

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2. Create an account using the “Log in to Vote” button.

3. After logging in, click “Vote” below a semifinalist’s video to vote for him or her once every 24 hours.

4. Or, use the dropdown menus to filter the semifinalists by emerging economy, sector, or gender. Then, click the “Select All” and “Batch Vote” buttons to vote for multiple semifinalists at once.

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