Kenyan MP to Run in Boston Marathon

Wesley KorirCherangany Member of Parliament will on Monday lead a host of other Kenyan athletes in this year’s edition of Boston Marathon.

Wesley Korir, who is also a successful distance runner, is on a mission to reclaim the Boston title that he last won in 2012, before he decided to contest for an elective seat.

In the 2013 elections, Korir captured the Cherangany seat as an independent candidate when he successfully unseated URP bigwig Joshua Kutuny.

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The 33-year old lawmaker will be looking to improve his performance having emerged fifth in last year’s edition of the race, behind compatriots Wilson Chebet and Bernard Kipyego. He also hopes to trounce Ethiopian Lelisa Desisa who picked Gold last year.

Korir took to his Twitter page to recall his previous victory in the marathon, saying that it was the motivation behind his decision to participate, “I remember the feeling I want to feel that again”, the Cherangany legislator stated.

His participation in the marathon comes even as Kenya is on the spotlight after some athletes tested positive for banned performance boosting substances.

Korir, who is sponsoring the Kenya Anti Doping Bill that seeks to criminalize doping, said that drastic action was the only way to halt the crisis that has hit athletics in Kenya.

The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) threatened to blacklist Kenya and declare the nation non-compliant after the country failed to meet two deadlines to enforce laws against the vice.

The Cherangany MP assured that Parliament would pass the bill which has already progressed to the 3rd reading.

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