Ababu Namwamba’s wife explains his long absence from political scene


Ababu Namwamba has “a fulfilling full life”, his wife Priscah Mwaro has said, and let the world in on what the Budalang’i MP has been up to.

She praised her husband in a post on Facebook for dedicating himself to taking care of her before and after she gave birth to their third baby.

“The best dad ever… He has been there for us since the birth of our baby, providing the care and love one requires after delivery,” she said.

Priscah said the MP has had sleepless nights but has taken care of their baby wholeheartedly.

“He was being supportive as I tried to deal with my body and mood swings. You’ve done it all…you are a super cool dad. Nimekuinamia (I take a bow for you), my dear,” she said.

“Ababu is our blessing. Our rock. We love and cherish him. He always puts us first, his incredibly busy lifestyle notwithstanding.”

She said Ababu, whom she further described as a “precious gift” has proven that politicians can have fulfilling private lives.

The MP told his colleagues in parliament on Tuesday that he was on paternity leave following the birth of the child on April 1.

He has not attended major events by opposition leader Raila Odinga’s Cord coalition including the persistent protests for the removal of IEBC commissioners.

He also missed the the funeral of fellow Son of Mulembe and fierce anti-corruption activist Jacob Juma.

Ababu has been accused of being a Jubilee mole . He denied the claim saying those behind them were responsible for Raila’s failure to clinch the presidency in 2017.

He said that as a mature politician, he knows when to play politics and when to fight for development.


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