Maasai Chief Helping His Village from Los Angeles


Maasai Chief Helping His Village from Los Angeles
Kenyan who does telephone Onion farming from the USU.S. citizen Joseph Oloimooja helps his Kenyan village educate its young, obtain clean water, and receive health care through his nonprofit Kindness Mission. He’s only just getting started.

LOS ANGELES, June 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Anyone who has ever said, “I’m only one person, what can I do?” needs to meet Joseph Oloimooja. From his home base in Los Angeles, he is literally working miracles for his native village of Eluanta, some 8,000 miles away in Kenya; thanks to his efforts the village has a school to educate its children, a well providing clean water that is eliminating the dangers of water borne diseases, a church to worship in, and access to medical care through a health clinic.

The Americanized version of Oloimooja is rector of Los Angeles’Good Shepherd Episcopal Church. He is also a chaplain at Kaiser Permanente Hospital, which last year awarded him a $10,000grant to provide a second well in Kenya to serve a neighboring village to Eluanta. At the same time, Oloimooja, who goes by Father Joseph, is a Maasai tribal chief who wears colorful robes and a beaded skull cap, a reminder of the rural, cattle raising group from which he descends.

He can talk about:

His Kindness Mission, the charitable fund-raising arm that raises money from individuals, organizations, and churches to do good works in Kenya.
Why he is proof that it takes one man to raise a village.
His future plans for building a hospital and ways donkeys can change the lives of Kenyans.
Empowering women through the creation and sale of native bracelets and necklaces.
Ways people can make a difference for causes they support.


Joseph Oloimooja grew up in Eluanta, Kenya, tending cows in his 2,000-person village. After graduating from the University ofNairobi with a degree in theology, he started the first school in his village 25 years ago. He started Eluanta’s only church when he was 19. He used the proceeds from his book, Angels Walk Among Us, to fund the first well, and began his Kindness Mission in 2009.

More information about the Kindness Mission can be found at

AVAILABILITY:  Los Angeles, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone

CONTACT:  Joseph Oloimooja, (323) 687-2167; Email;

SOURCE Joseph Oloimooja

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  1. Oyiaya tinkoe jnr says

    A man who the society can rely, thanks for doing a lot to the community, is only God who can reward you more. Big thanks and kudos

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