10 Best Photos Mimicking Museveni’s Phone Call Stunt

A meme of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and his Uganda counterpart Yoweri Museveni

The photo of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni making a phone call by the roadside while seated on a chair has inspired Kenyans on Twitter to take interesting pictures mimicking the Head of State.

Among prominent persons who jumped on the #M7Challenge by literally posing on the road were comedian Eric Omondi, KTN’s Joy Biira, Kisumu Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga, radio presenter Antoneosol and a CEO of a motor vehicle company.

Here are some of the reactions:

10 Best Photos Mimicking Museveni's Phone Call Stunt
10 Best Photos Mimicking Museveni’s Phone Call Stunt

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Just before I did my shoot I had my viatuless #0%chills


☜═㋡ J!M (◣﹏◢) @_JMOxQ

Eric omondi is a fool.?

Others used the moment to photoshop the President in interesting memes which kept spreading online for the better part of Wednesday.

Ug economy in recession?Presidential motorcade resort 2 bodaboda use 2 save money!!Yeah right??


Kenipedia™ @KennStiffler

When they see Museveni….they all clear and flee.Beast!

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Maccos @micha_cyrus

Africans have no time to rest. Even after dying they have to work as Ancestors. ???



Brands on the other hand were not left behind, taking the moment to jump on the viral trend.

With Museveni’s photo going viral, others took the moment to recreate the scene. In embracing the Challenge, most took to the streets taking pictures similar to Museveni’s.

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Never Miss A Moment.



And one person decided to remind us what Kenyans in the diaspora were up to.

Inside the Kenya Sevens Rugby team training camp, the boys decided to take time of their Olympics preparation to pull a stunt of their own.

Museveni shared the photos on Tuesday as he was sitting by the road in a phone conversation while waving at random road users as his security detail stood by his convoy.


10 Best Photos Mimicking Museveni’s Phone Call Stunt

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