Pauline AdongoTwo Sundays ago after church, while overtaken by His presence, I heard Him say very clearly “your house is healed”. As I pondered into the declaration, God showed me that the healing was from negative or contrary words that had been spoken in our homes.


Spoken words are very powerful; even unspoken words (thoughts) can impact someone. By God’s Grace, we are living in houses we did not build and even if we built them, we may not have owned the land the houses are built on. (Deuteronomy 6:10-12). We may have spoken these negative words ourselves, OR people who lived in our houses, homes or lands may have spoken something contrary to the purposes of God.


So this week, let us declare our homes and households healed. This includes any dwelling that you call home. Let’s start by repenting of any negative words we have spoken in our homes, to our children or spouses.  Let’s cleanse our homes from words that were spoken in our absences before we got into the homes. Let’s rid our homes of any negative generational or geographical negative words that were spoken before we got here. At the Cross Jesus cancelled every curse.


Prayer-Lord I repent of every careless word that I have spoken over my life, in this house, over my children, husband and wife. I ask for your forgiveness. I release the Blood on Jesus in each room in this house, in my car, in my business building and in the workplace. I revoke any covenant that I established by those words in the name of Jesus.  By confession, salvation comes (Romans 10:10). So I declared my house healed, I release blessings, favor…. declare every positive thing according to God’s Word that you want for your house and household


Remember words are prophetic, what we say is bound to happen. Watch what you say, Christ Himself warned that we will be judged for every empty(careless) word we speak. (Matthew 12:36). Since words are prophetic and God desires that ALL prophesy, speak God’s Word into your life, your home, over your children, concerning your job. Speak the Word and watch the turn around. OUR HOMES ARE HEALED! Be encouraged God is Faithful and Dependable


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